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Business and public speaking training in central London - Vocal training mentor in central London

Q: How do you become a good speaker?

A: Speak!

Good speaking comes from the joy of speaking. Developing public speaking skills is fun, relaxing and exciting too.

The skills you need as a formal speaker in a business or an organisation are rooted in the same talking abilities that we naturally engage in when we are with family and friends. We like story-telling, cracking jokes or giving a speech of thanks. We encourage friends as they reach for their goals, we make toasts on special occasions and we recognise and celebrate each other’s achievements.

To talk effectively in business we use these same simple skills and when you training with others, practising in a safe and supportive environment away from the intensity of business, you start to use your own natural speaking voice, allowing you to project you own personality and influence when you speak in public or at business.

Speaking in different situations will help you to grow as a speaker. Although different scenarios may not seem, at first, directly applicable to business speaking, remember that, whatever the arena, it is always a person who speaks and speaks to someone else, and talking naturally, with integrity, empowers both the listener and the speaker.

It’s fun to speak, to work with a vocal training mentor in a group of fellow trainers who support and encourage each other. The group becomes your public audience to practise with and, when you listen to others, you will experience the effects their speaking has on you as you develop the speaking and listening skills that you need for business. Speaking training is a great way to meet people and share in the joys of speaking.

Business and public speaking training in central London - Vocal training mentor in central London

Enjoy speaking with another, with those who have not yet become your friends, colleagues or partners. Speak in groups and to groups and speak one to one.

Speak with purpose and clarity, even with doubt and in hope; speak with understanding, meaning and knowledge, with empathy and sensitivity.

Speak naturally and spontaneously and if you need something to say there are plenty of speaking materials to play with. Practice with some of the great speeches of the past that have defined an era or helped to change the course of history. These can give us the sense of gravity and vision that a speech can create in the minds and hearts of others. They can help us release some of our own innate strength and clarity to empower the listener and unite others to a common purpose.

Speak socially with friends or personally with loved ones, perhaps seductively and with passion. Many of the great raconteurs and lovers of the past have left us their words of whit, passion and intimacy in their writings, poems and plays. These too can create within us a free flow of expression and bring new colours to the vocal palate of our speech.

Speaking is a rich and diverse activity and each aspect of our speaking experience, spoken to serve a specific purpose or just for its own reward, adds depth and character to us as speakers.

Think how you feel when you are inspired, motivated, charmed, seduced, excited, acknowledged and included? Now, think how you feel when you inspire, motivate, charm, seduce, excite, acknowledge and include others? These are two halves of a cycle through which we can experience a feeling of wholeness.

As we experience the joy of speaking, the better speakers we become, the more we want to speak, the greater the joy of speaking, the better we become and the more we want to….

Speak, just for the fun of it, for the experience and for the sharing.

Business and public speaking training in central London - Vocal training mentor in central London

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